• Microphone: NEUMANN TLM102
  • Computer and Software: MacBook Air, iZotope RX 10, Audacity
  • Directed sessions: Google Meet, Source Connect, Zoom available
  • Hassle-Free Delivery: Email, Google Drive, or WeTransfer
  • Japanese proofreading available

  • Yuui has a wonderful voice! I have worked with many Japanese voiceovers as a television director and her voice and expression are one of the best in Japan.
  • She was quick to respond to our urgent project, which was very helpful to us. The quality of the home studio and Yuui-san’s voice were wonderful and amazing.
  • Amazing voice! Yuui has a great voice!
  • Her communication skills were excellent and she was comfortable to work with. She has been speaking and active on TV and radio for many years and provided a great voice.
  • …and so on

Quick Delivery

You will receive the audio file promptly. Files under 5 minutes in length are usually delivered within 3 business days. Faster delivery is available as an option.

Professional Quality Voice

Yuui is a voice-over artist who has worked for Japanese TV and radio stations for 12 years. She provides the best voice with clear pronunciation and captivates your clients!

close up photo of microphone

High Standard Equipment

High-standard microphones, recording in a thoroughly soundproofed space, and high-level editing techniques provide excellent quality voice-overs!

Hi, I’m Yuui Hiromatsu!

I have worked at Japanese TV & Radio stations as a professional voice-over artist & MC for 12 years. I love this world of Voice Expression which has no limit! And then, I’m also an AI & data science instructor. I am an AI and data science expert, so leave the e-learning voice recording to me!

At the Weekend, I like to camp with my family. In Japan, there are a lot of nice sites for camping. In the cold place, I like drinking hot SAKE and watching the beautiful lake…! Japanese SAKE is very delicious which is like white wine.

Please let me know if you are interested in working with me or have any questions.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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